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What makes us stand out the most?
Knowing how to wait.

Time and high quality wines: our production method respects nature and its timings, to offer high quality wines.

We have no hurry, therefore, to produce, but simply a lot of patience while we wait for the perfect time to harvest, to decide when and how to transform the fruits into must first and then into wine. Then comes the longest wait, watching over the conditions in which, for a long time, the wine matures and refines to become one of our wines, ready to be bottled to meet the world.

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A wine
that has no rush

An holistic

Since our beginnings we have practiced a bio and organic regime, which resulted in a recent certification in line with the holistic approach we have applied with great results and quality of life.
We also pay great attention to limiting the environmental impact not only in terms of landscape, but also in reducing contamination. We use renewable sources of energy which, among others, resulted in a GreenCare recognition.

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Carefully selected

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The winemaker’s holistic approach is applied when the vital manifestations of organisms are considered as individual entities that together have their own characteristics, not attributable to the sum of its parts.

Protecting the characteristics of our organic vineyards means taking care both of our woods, tree varieties and grassed fields, the native meadow is left among the rows to encourage native animal species to live among the vines bringing fertility and balance.

Our wines do not contain substances of animal origin and are produced with processes that exclude the use of any substance of animal origin.

Our labels: