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Our top characteristic? A holistic approach

A holistic winemaker sees the vineyard as a small part of a bigger ecosystem where every element lives in symbiosis and harmony with each other. I chose Pozzol Groppo, a small village in the Tortonese hills, because it is situated in a rare context with no contamination. That allows me to take care of all the elements that go into the ecosystem: not only the flora and the fauna but also the air, land and water, while respecting the biodiversity.

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how to wait

Wine is never
in a rush

A winemaker should wait for the exact moment to pick the fruit, crush it and then decide when and how to transform the grape must into wine.

Fundamental is to observe the evolution of the wine in its long aging process, until it really becomes a wine that identify completely I Carpini, and at that point it is the wine itself that ask me to get bottled, to leave the places where it was born and aged, to meet the rest of the world.

“I was not born a winemaker but by choice, it became my life. From the frenetic modern times that I grew up in, I learned how important it is for a winemaker to slow down, to observe nature in all its surroundings.

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Carefully selected

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When I planned the setting of the vines and the cellar, I was very careful in preserving everything that pre-exist. Even though I was forced to make some changes in order to plant the vines and to build the cellar, I did my best to respect and reintegrate the pre-exiting ecosystem. I implemented actions to restore indigenous animal species and vegetations. All these together represent our biodiversity, from which follows even the micro diversity in the vines: the luxury of a strong and healthy ecosystem.

In order to preserve and take care of the vineyard’s ecosystem, my priority is that nature can find its own balance. I only interfere when necessary, always following solutions allowed by the organic guidelines. Even in the cellar I apply a strict organic protocol and fermentations start naturally with native yeasts.

Sulphites are added only during bottling and in very minimal quantities.

I am very careful on the environmental impact both while working in the vineyards and on the general surrounding landscape. I choose to use renewable energies to aliment the cellar and our home; all these brought us the GreenCare certification.

The spontaneous herbs in between the vines encourage indigenous animal species to live among them, naturally contributing to the fertility and the equilibrium of the ecosystem. We share the same environment and benefit reciprocally from each other presence. 

Our wines exclude the use of any substance with animal origin, even in packaging materials.

Our labels: