etichette vino roccolo dei carpini
etichette vino roccolo dei carpini

A unique cellar

Our cellar has been designed and built to be the ideal place to transform grape must into wine, to control the natural processes by which the wine matures, rises, refines and is rendered elegant by time.

The structural characteristics of our cellar allow a healthy environment. It is a winery that immediately renounces the romantic charm of stone vaults, brick walls or wooden beams to make room for a more spartan but extremely functional environment. This in order to provide a fine and healthy environment easily able to remain so, that allows spontaneous fermentation in the best conditions.

cantina riconoscimento green care
etichette vino brezza destate

Green Care Recognition:
the characteristics of the cellar

The cellar is divided into areas dedicated to fermentation, maturation and elevation,both in oak barrels and in ceramic clayver. It is mostly underground in order to make the most of the insulating power of the earth, and to reduce environmental impact.
Among the characteristics of the cellar we use renewable forms of energy, which, together with other precautions, are worth for our GreenCare recognition.

etichette vino brezza destate
fermentazione spontanea vino

Spontaneous fermentation
of our wines

The spontaneous fermentation of our wines occurs mainly in steel wine vessels. After drawing off the wine, we can safely keep the wine with its noble lees for periods that the wine itself decides based on the characteristics of every year’s vintage.

Once ready to be elevated, the wine is transferred to ceramic jars or wooden barrels, when ready it is bottled and then transferred to the aging room.