etichette vino fine del mondo
etichette vino fine del mondo

The vineyard: a respected and
protected ecosystem

The characteristics of the territory make our organic vineyards unique. Our territory has a very complex terrain, with significant variations over a relatively restricted area.
There are clay and fossil limestones, very important for the vitality of the body of the wines, and spots with the presence of chalk and sandstone.

i filari della nostra vigna biologica

The rows of our
organic vineyards

The vines follow the inclined plane of the hills and are exposed towards the south, southeast, therefore gaining optimal exposure to the sun and ventilation.
The brackish air currents from the nearby Mediterranean bring rain from the sea and the aquifers that run underground complete this unique ecosystem. Our mission is to keep it in balance according to our holistic vision that considers the vineyard as a synergic part of a wider ecosystem in which it lives.

etichette vino terre dombra
etichette vino terre dombra

Our organic vineyard:
how we protect it

The characteristics of the organic vineyard are preserved by taking care of our woods and tree varieties as well as grassy fields, leaving the native meadow among the rows to encourage native animal species to live among the vines bringing themselves fertility and balance.
From an ecosystem as rich in biodiversity, a microbiological environment that is as rich in micro-biodiversity comes from it, living in symbiosis with plant and animal life therefore contributing to the healthy growth of the vine and its extraordinary fruits.
Being organic in the cultivation of the vineyard is only a small step, we consider essential to respect the entire ecosystem in which the vineyard is inserted.

come trattiamo la vigna biologica
progettazione vigna biologica

Design and care of
the organic vineyard

This encourages the presence of both a small fauna, such as insects and worms in the subsoil, but also larger animals that have an important task for the survival of biodiversity and of the vineyards.
Each organic vineyard has been designed after careful analysis of the soil, its composition and conformation, with a careful attention to sun exposure , air currents and recurrent climate changes.

varietà dei nostri vini

The varieties of
our wines

The varieties of wines with which we have chosen to work with are mainly indigenous to the area, the right plot to plant them was chosen with extreme attention and care; Barbera, Timorasso, Albarossa, in addition to the native vines, we wanted to experiment with some international vines, such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, to see how the terroir could affect them.